Écusson commémoratif
Réal Côté Awards 2018

Club des Modélistes du Grand Montréal

Saturday, May 12  
Centre A. Desjardins,
6755, 36e Avenue, Montréal, Québec

Blason IPMS-Canada

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Event Theme : Cradle of Civilisation - The Mediterranean and the Middle-East,  from Antiquity to the Present
Display your models and win awards!

Judges' Awards for Event Theme : Best of Show - Best ship - Best Figurine - Best Diorama - Best Armor -                                                            Best Plane - Best Vehicule

 Special themes
        • Best Canadian Subject
        • 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Project
        • 80th Anniversary of the VW Bug
• 80th Anniversary of Air Canada

 Public's Choice :  Best of show                
 Masters' Awards : Modelers registered as « master » will compete against each other in each of the classes
 (planes, armor, auto, etc.)

08:00  Registration begins
09:00  Judging begins
10:00  Show opens for public
12:00  End of registration
12:30  Silent Auction Winners Annouced 
13:30  Awards presentation
16:00  End of Event

 Special Awards 40 $
 Contest Categories 20 $

 General Admission 5 $
 Kids, Teens, Seniors 2 $
 Participants 6 $
 Model Registration 2 $
 junior Model Registration 1 $

 Double leaflet - General Public
List of Categories

 Judging method:    Traditionnal IPMS judging.                                                                                  

To save time at the registration table on event day, download, fill and print our PDF registration form at home : (coming latter)

 For any other information: infogrca@ipmsrealcote.com

Contest Rules       Definitions

 *IPMS-Canada's definition of "Best Canadian Subject": a “Canadian subject” is a model subject which is shown in Canadian markings and use. In other words your  entry has to be identifiably and distinctly Canadian in its markings, and is clearly connected to being operated by Canadians.

 Examples of subjects that do not qualify: a car that only has provincial plates; a space shuttle with a Canadarm; a US Army DHC Caribou; a Belgian CF-100; a Royal Navy  Corvette.

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